What’s Up in Poland!

With customers mainly within the packaging industry, Ricco has since the start 1990, gradually established themselves as a strong partner of technical solutions, machines and equipment on the Polish market.Today, 10 employees from the headquarters on the outskirts of Warsaw manage all the daily contacts with the market as well as the foreign partners.

The company has a comprehensive product portfolio to offer the market and e. g. in the area of recycled materials apart from FAS, other principals is Herbold and NGR.

It all started when Poland became open to the outside world. There were suddenly a huge number of foreign companies who wanted to invest. According to the founder Mr. Krzysztof Kucharski, the idea came 1989 to help foreign companies, not only in language, but also making good business.
The business idea of working with foreign companies in Poland is still the same.

There are 4 outdoor salesmen (in the company) and to ensure close relationship and a high level of customer care, all employees are involved in the sales.
Technical support and service on sight are carried out, prompt and conveniently to all customers.

Together with our partner Ricco, we proudly welcome two of our new customers and FAS machine owners in Poland this year; FAST-FOL Gadomscy Sp.j and An Kruszewski in Wiazowna


The design of our new Starline has been based on our proven technology and long experience for machines running off-line. Starline ensures reliable, robust and simple production and gives you the lowest possible production cost per bag.

Off line configuration
– all changes/adjustments of running parameters from one location (one operator panel)
– Servo driven
– Tensionless sealing system from two sides
– Can convert PE of HD, MD, LD, LLD, Bio and recycled material

– Driven exit nip on folder
– Automatic tape unit on winder
– Expansion shaft, unwinder
– Photocell
– Dancer, bagmachine
– Knife heater
– Stop indicator, unwinder

Read more about STARLINE here.

FAST FOL Gadomscy Sp.j is a family business established in 2002 with a focus on organic production of plastic products. We manufacture garbage bags and bags for different kinds of waste collection that is tailored to the individual requirements of our customers. To maintain a clean environment, we produce products mainly based on reproducible material derived from plastic waste.

FAST FOL Gadomscy Sp.j bought our newly developed Starline, a 2-up off-line machine, for smaller star-folded bags.

“We see a growing need for recycled materials in Poland. With this Starline we produce different qualities and volums that we desire, says part owner Mr. Grzegorz Gadomski.

Read more about
STARLINE | www.fast-fol.pl

Gran-Plast Our company has been around since 1984 and our business is closely related to the environment and therefore have the necessary permits for the daily operation. We are manufacturer of LDPE plastic bags in standard sizes that are produced for individual customer requirements. We offer our product at a competitive price.

Gran-Plast bought Euroline BWU1100, in- or off-line production of garbage bags.

Mr. Szczepan Kruszewski, – It’s great importance to run with a reliable machine when producing recycled material, FAS had the best option.

Read more about
EUROLINE | www.gran-plast.pl