Plastpol, Thinking About Our Environment and Spareparts


Many of our thoughts naturally turn to our environment, sustaining our quality of life and minimizing our impact or foot print on it.
We at FAS PECO share these thoughts and concerns and are helping our customers globally supply more environmentally friendly products to their customers.artbild_web


Reduce packaging
We are seeing a trend in Europe, and beginning in North America, of eliminating cardboard packaging for rolls of trash bags. By wrapping a roll of bags with a label, consumers can receive a professional looking product without an additional box or sleeve required. Many trees can be saved, and a lot less space taken up in our landfills by eliminating this additional packaging.  As us about how you can present your rolls of bags in this manner.

Reduce plastic consumed
There are a number of ways that our customers are reducing the amount of plastic used in bags:

– Increasing the recycled content in bags.
This is an obvious way to  reuse plastic and reduce the amount of plastic that becomes litter or is landfilled. As the recycled content of film rises however it becomes more challenging to seal, wind and convert. Call on FAS PECO to help you successfully convert these films using our unique bag sealing, perforating and winding equipment. We have optimized our equipment to handle these challenges and we’d like to talk to you about it.

– Wave top (S-cut) bags
Wave top trash bags represent an environmentally friendlier alternative to some other types of trash bags. Wave top bags tend to be thinner than other bags (up to 30% ) and use far less plastic than other closure methods. A consumer can simply tie the flaps together resulting in a secure simple closure that requires no additional material to be added to the bag such as a twist tie or draw tape.

Eliminate cores
More and more products are trending towards a coreless format. This eliminates the cost of a core and is less waste being discarded after the roll of bags is consumed. All FAS PECO winders are capable of winding cored or coreless rolls.

Reduce power consumption
An often overlooked issue in our customers plants is their machinery’s consumption of electrical power. Updating to modern, state of the art  converting equipment typically yields significant reductions in electrical consumption. This not only contributes to a faster return on investment for this equipment but also reduces the environmental impact of their manufacturing process.


Plastic Bags Are Amazing and You Should Appreciate Them More

We are starting a new feature in FAS News. From time to time we will have articles by industry experts and others, which we think will be of interest and value to you our readers. We saw this article by Sarah Zhang featured in the Science Section of WIRED magazine and thought you might enjoy reading it as well.

Extern link to the story.

Do you have any questions about our newsletter, please feel free to contact Peter Håkansson, Sales Director FAS Converting Group, phone: cell: +46 706 769 262

PLASTPOL May 17-20
Come visit us at Plastpol in Kielce Trade Fairs, May 17-20 at Hall C stand 36!

We are participating in this event toghether with our agent Ricco International Trade & Consultancy. They have a comprehensive product portfolio to offer the market and e. g. in the area of recycled materials. Please feel very welcome to contact us at our stand.

More about Plastpol (ext link).

More about Ricco

Look at your Spare Parts, we do!

To insure that your equipment can be kept in optimal condition we maintain inventories of spares, both in Sweden and USA. We know that original spare parts are a crucial requirement for keeping your converting equipment running efficiently enabling you to meet your production goals and avoiding unplanned downtime.

The spare parts we supply to you are the same as we use in production and for service. You are thus assured of receiving parts that fit perfectly with your equipment and will not impair the safety or lifetime of your equipment.

When placing a spare parts order, you benefit from direct access to original spare parts. Keep in mind to always use the original parts number, in that way you will always get exactly what you need. Our service department has access to original drawings and specifications, so they can ensure that the parts you receive are the right ones for your converting equipment.

More and more spare parts are labeled with parts number, so have a look at your spare parts, we do!

Call our parts specialists at either location for prompt expert service. You find contact details here.

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