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K2016 Show Report, Plast Eurasia and CE marking

FAS PECO enjoy successful time at k show in Düsseldorf

Record attendance from North American customers

k2016_herrarAS PECO participated in the K2016 in Düsseldorf Germany with a booth and a live demonstration in the converting hall at the Düsseldorf Messe October 19-26.
The show, held every three years attracted over 3000 exhibitors and 230,000 visitors, a significant increase over the last show held in 2013.

Visitors to the FAS PECO booth were increased in number since the last show as well. The k show has been considered by some to be a European show in the past, but this year it was truly global. We hosted visitors from every continent, representing 75 countries. We saw a marked increase in the number of North American visitors to our booth this year by 81%. This is testament to our growth in the USA Market in recent years.

Visitors to our booth watched our technical team demonstrate our equipment which was producing coreless rolls of wave top trash bags. Our technicians also answered a lot of questions about this equipment and old equipment in our customers plants worldwide.
This year we ran film that was pink in color, in part out of recognition of Breast Cancer awareness month. The bags drew a lot of attention and were eagerly collected and whisked away.

On demonstration was:
• our new unwind stand  model UWD1100 capable of handling rolls of 1m in diameter
• our high speed bag sealing and perforating machine QB1100X2 for line speeds up to 160 m/min (525 fpm)
• our new double V folder model SF2V
• the rotary cutter CT500
• out new 4 spindle turret  winder model TW475 capable of up to 26 roll changes per minute
• our redesigned tape unit TU220 for roll wrapping

While our feet still hurt, it was a very good show, where we get the opportunity to visit with our old friends and meet new ones.

Now it is back to work. We have a lot to do, with customer follow up after such a show.

FAS Converting has currently the largest back log of work in our shop in Arlöv Sweden in our company’s history. We thank you, our loyal customers for that.
Thanks to all who visited with us in Germany. If you were unable to make it, here are some photographs of the stand, our equipment and our staff.  If not before, see you in three years!

Please scroll down for photos from the K2016.

Istanbul December 7th to December 10th.

FAS Converting plans live demonstration at PlastEurasia!

At this year’s PlastEurasia, FAS Converting will be exhibiting in Hall 2 / Booth 217 with our agent in Turkey; Grupak.

We will be demonstrating the successful and popular Euroline there, producing coreless roll of trash bags.

bildspel_de 161022 K16 1

Not only can you see the Euroline run in person, you can see it run in line with a blown film extrusion line in the morning, and out of line in the afternoon.

The Euroline is one of FAS’ most popular designs. In it we combine our proven robust bag sealing and perforating machine the model BWU900 with our industry leading coreless winding capabilities (based on model SP500) sharing a common control system in a space saving, very cost effective package. Options include folding, and a tape unit for roll wrapping. We have installed these systems in 20 countries now.

Stop in, watch the machine work, and ask any questions you have of our technical and sales team who will be staffing the booth. Ask us about our technical support in turkey supporting our growing population of equipment there.

We are looking for wad to being back in Istanbul a very important market for FAS, greeting existing customers and meeting new ones.

If you can’t join us in Istanbul, see more about the Euroline here:

Euroline video  (Approx 14 900 kb)
Euroline technical specifications

Safety First!

– Why CE marking is important.

FAS takes the process of delivering safe equipment to our customers very seriously.  This is accomplished by participating in, and adhering to the CE (European Common market) marking protocols. The result being that we can deliver to you a very safe machine that is still user and production friendly.

When any new machine is introduced, a comprehensive risk analysis is conducted, identifying all potential dangerous aspects of the machine.

These risks are evaluated as to their seriousness (how badly could someone be hurt), how likely is someone to be hurt, and how can it be prevented (guard, interlock, warning etc.). this is a time consuming process that can span weeks.

A collective decision is made as to which aspects of the machine need to be addressed, and how.

This is done by a group of professionals inside the company led by our automation engineer Magnus Liljeroth who has been trained and CMSE® certified in this process (Certified Machinery Safety Expert). This certification represents a significant investment on the part of Magnus and the company in this process.
There are a lot of assumptions in our industry today about safety and mitigation efforts made by an OEM supplier such as ourselves. We get asked a lot of questions from customers worldwide about guards, light curtains, interlocks and other methods of making a machine safer, in their plants. Often times, customers will embark on programs that are costly and ineffective with little or no improvement in the safety of the machine while making them more difficult to operate at the same time.

Our customers often ask us for modifications to our equipment, and or ask for refurbishment of old machines. Every time this is done, the same analysis has to be conducted, to ensure the safety of the equipment and the integrity of our risk analysis rating system. This is as time consuming and expensive as if we designed a completely new machine. This unfortunately can render “simple” modifications economically infeasible. This includes what might seem like an inconsequential change such as replacing an old drive with a new servo motor for example.

One thing that machine owners and operators should be mindful of is the fact that is they modify a machine in any way, and an injury occurs, that person / organization that modified the machine will be responsible to prove evidence of a risk analysis and knowledge of and steps taken to implement mitigation measures. In the case of a machine being modified in the field the responsibility passes from the OEM supplier to the owner. This is something that should be taken into account when deciding whether to renovate / update an old machine vs. purchasing a new one. If you are facing this decision, let us know, our CE experts will be glad to talk with you about it, as it applies to the risk and responsibility for the safety of your machinery operators.

Another aspect of the CE certification process is the thorough and comprehensive documentation of the equipment we supply. The CE process requires that every aspect of the equipment is documented. This includes parts lists, assembly drawings, operations manuals and safety procedures. This insures that should you need parts, or service pf any type, we and you will know exactly what the machine you have consists of. This is a big advantage to you the converter, the ability to positively identify and service all components. This is a big Investment on our part, with a long term benefit for our customers.

If you have an older piece of PECO or FAS equipment that you wish to modernize, and or modify, please talk to us first. We may be able to offer you a trade–in allowance for the old machine. This is may be an economical option for you to bring new safer technology in to your plant, taking advantage of higher operating speeds and the many new features of our current designs.

If you have questions about our risk analysis procedures at FAS, our certified professionals in this topic, our records, and or documentation on our equipment we are happy to discuss this with you and provide whatever information we can for you.

It is our ongoing commitment to be a world class supplier of safe and highly productive equipment to the European common market, the North American market and beyond.

Photos from K2016

Do you have any questions about our newsletter, please feel free to contact Peter Håkansson, Sales Director FAS Converting Group, phone: cell: +46 706 769 262