FALL UPDATES October 2016

Please stop by and say hello at our booth at the K-show and see our live demonstration. Meet with our experts and discuss your applications and needs.


Novolex is a diverse, dynamic, thriving family of North American based historic packaging brands that includes Bagcraft® Packaging, Hilex Poly®, Fortune Plastics®, Duro Bag®, De Luxe® Packaging, Novolex Custom Film & Bag™, Wisconsin Film & Bag, International Converter®, General Packaging® Products and and recently acquired Heritage Bag.

Novolex has been expanding their product base in both paper and plastic packaging through acquisition while investing in organic growth across its broad, brand network.


The Fortune Plastics group saw a need to increase the efficiencies in their trash liner production areas in 4 of their plants and began to look at coreless winder options. Fortune had a variety of technology platforms across its plants, which were not performing to their expectation.  Old Saybrook, CT plant manager Ian Featherstone was tasked with guiding his fellow plant managers to standardize on one brand moving forward. Based on discussions with other companies within and outside the group, a decision was made to consider the FAS PECO SP500 coreless winder.

Ian said: “I was looking for a stable platform on which we could grow, pushing our efficiencies and scrap rates in the right direction. I had seen the PECO winders running in another company and  I was impressed by their reliability and durability as compared to current equipment in our organization.   This in addition to the positive experience we had with our PECO rotary cutter in our Connecticut plant pointed me in the direction of FAS PECO for these winders.”
Upon closer inspection, Featherstone was drawn to the technical features on the FAS PECO winders such as the dual gripper design, “roll catcher” unloading, and the state of the art HMI with full diagnostics, troubleshooting capabilities and periodic maintenance reminders integrated, were features not present in their current winders.

Novolex soon placed an order for sp500 coreless winders to be delivered to their Florida, Connecticut, Tennessee and Arizona facilities.


Fortune Plastics Plant Manager Ian Featherstone and day lead operator Paul Duguay discuss the features of  their new SP500 coreless winder.

North American Sales Manager Tom Helming said “working on this project with Novolex has been particularly gratifying for us. From the initial inquiry from Ian, to conversations with the plant managers and with corporate purchasing personnel, it was clear to us that Novolex was looking for a world class product that complimented and facilitated their growth plans. We are very honored to have been chosen as a vendor on this project, and to be part of this highly respected group of companies as they realize their synergies and increase their market presence here in North America”.

Heritage Bag

In another recently acquired division of Novolex, there had been a long history with FAS PECO winders.
VP Bob Seidl , in charge  of operations in all of Heritage Bag’s liner plants commented that they spend a lot of time analyzing and  optimizing their manufacturing activities, equipment choices, operations procedures and maintenance practices, and then applying these across their organization.
“The PECO winders have been part of our success here at Heritage Bag” says Seidl. “As our organization has grown, the winders have improved and every new batch we receive has new and improved features keeping pace with our needs here”. “Now that we are part of Novolex we see that growth continuing and we look to our partners at FAS PECO to grow with us. Their USA based sales, service and spare parts support has been excellent.”

FAS PECO director of global sales, Peter Håkansson said “we have enjoyed working with the market leading team at Heritage Bag over the years and we congratulate them on their joining the Novolex group, a wonderful combination. We appreciate the great business that Heritage Bag has honored us with, including the recent order for coreless winders being delivered later this year. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Heritage Bag and the other Novolex brands. Our two company’s growth is closely linked.”

Heritage Bag will receive a batch of sp500 winders later this year, to be distributed across the company’s 6 plants by Bob Seidl where they can best facilitate the growth and expansion plans of the company

Do you have any questions about our newsletter, please feel free to contact Peter Håkansson, Sales Director FAS Converting Group peter.hakansson@fasconverting.se, phone: cell: +46 706 769 262


We will be running a complete bag making line, producing coreless rolls of 4-flap wave top trash bags. We look forward to meeting with you, and showing you our equipment in operation.

QB1100 X2 bag machine
You will be able to see the new and improved state of the art sealing and perforating machine the QBX2. This machine features our unique tensionless sealing system in which we apply sealing heat and pressure from both sides of the web. Improvements to the web handling and cooling systems as well as the seal bar alignment mechanisms enable the QB to run reliably at higher line speeds than previous models. Talk with us in the booth, we have been supplying world class bag machines for 35+ years and have a wealth of experience to share.

CT500 Rotary Cutter
The rotary cutter we will be showing is our newest design model CT500. In this model we combine our time proven CH500 features, adding a t-shirt bag cut out capability. Our proprietary cutting tool adjustment system which includes heated bearings enables you the convertor to more accurately and precisely align the cutting tool to the anvil giving you longer intervals between tool re-sharpenings, lowering down time, increasing your productivity. Talk to us about your applications, we will show you the advantages of our system as it relates to your reduced operating costs, whether you plan to make t-shirt bags or wave top bags on a roll, or both!

SF2V in-line folder
Take a look at our newest generation double V in line folder which we will be using to fold our web in the process of making our 4-flap trash bag. We have re-engineered the adjustments and alignment of our folding boards while simplifying the web path and the folding geometries. The benefit to you is a folder that is easier, quicker and safer to set up.  Come see it for yourself!

TW475 coreless winder
Since our founding we have been the world leaders in coreless winding for a wide variety of applications. In our industry line speeds are rising and in some cases bag counts (per roll) are dropping. This is a very challenging situation for you our extrusion / conversion customers. Why accept a slower line speed? Here is an opportunity to “de-bottleneck” your process.  The winder we are going to demonstrate is a very interesting evolution of our winding technology which enables our customers to produce up to 26 coreless rolls per minute. Our proprietary turret design in this winder uses four winding spindles for optimal web tension control translating into reliable film converting; the highest quality rolls at the lowest scrap rates. Watching this machine operate will highlight for you how it may fit into your operations and add to your productivity. We will be happy to discuss this with you.

TU220 Tape Unit
At the k show we will be demonstrating in real time our TU220 Tape unit, our most reliable user friendly roll wrapping system yet. We will be wrapping each finished roll with a preprinted paper label. This enables you to present a uniform roll to your downstream packing process no matter how automated it may be. Additionally your customers may be able to   present this labeled, wrapped roll as a final presentation which requires no additional packaging. This reduces costs and helps our environment.

New controls systems
Perhaps the most innovative and impactful technology on display at our booth will be our new controls platform. We have upgraded our controls for all equipment offering new state of the art features and advantages to you. Some of the things that these controls will be offering are:
•    Internet connectivity for each machine for real-time trouble shooting, updating and repairs
•    Full color graphic touch screen with multi language capability for the ultimate in operator ease and accuracy
•    Off-line remote machine monitoring possible. See what the equipment is doing in real time on your smart phone!
•    Recipe storage for fast and accurate job changes
•    Trouble shooting tips built in
•    Routine periodic maintenance reminders integrated
•    Operations, maintenance and spare parts manual is on line
•    Statistical reporting feature which enables management to know the productivity (up time vs down time, etc.) for each piece of equipment.
•    Fault log tells management when and where problems occurred
We look forward to demonstrating these and other features of the new controls to you while the machines are in operation.
Please stop by at our booth, and talk with us about how we can help you be more productive and profitable film converters.