Plastpol, New Model Bag Machine and Technical Bulletin

FAS Converting Introduces a new model bag machine

As many of you know, FAS has been a global supplier of in and out of line bag sealing and perforating equipment since Its founding in the 70’s.
You may have operated in the past or may be still operating on FAS Contiflex model bag machines and or the venerable “B” series sealer perforators (still available).

As extrusion technology evolved in the areas of screw design, air ring performance, Internal bubble cooling systems, layflat controls, gauge randomization and resin rheology, thinner gauges and higher lines speeds have become the norm.

FAS also advanced the state of the art with our QB series bag machines which are designed to produce  at line speeds up to 180m/min
the QB is an extraordinarily versatile machine enabling convertors to produce bags ranging from 300mm to 20m in length!
The technical challenge comes with the shorter bags, and the motion of the seal bars in the sealing section of the machine. The complexity of the servo controller required to be successful at the higher line speeds and shorter bag lengths is significant, and costly.
Many of our best customers are successfully using the QB1100X2 is a wide variety of high speed in line sealing applications.
In talking with our customers in our different markets one trend emerged however.
Many converters were finding that their product sizes were not as varied as they thought they might be.
This prompted some discussions first between FAS sales and our customers, and them internally and a new idea emerged.
If we target the bag machine’s capabilities at the most often used bag lengths (Those most popular among trash bag producers), we can simplify the servo controls and the sealing section. This results in a more cost effective solution for customers.
We are calling this model the QB1100X1.

The QB1100X1 will be able to produce at lines speeds of 180m/min at bag length of 700mm or longer.
In addition it will feature FAS’ time honored sealing system which consists of:

  • Sealing from both sides of the web enables precise seal temperature control with minimum dwell time. Higher lines speeds are the result.
  • Relaxed (tension free) sealing  and cooling section
  • Seal bars can be run in either a pulse or constant heat mode
  • Optional print registration
  • Infinite adjustment of perforation strength
  • In line or out of line operation
  • Higher cooling capacity as compared to older “B” models due to a Cooling drum for increased positive seal strength integrity
  • Web path has film exit at a convenient height for operators
  • Sealing drum improvements for a positive web path. No jam ups.
  • Seal bars are guided by cam followers. Seal bar motion is always the same, no matter the ambient temperature or humidity. Chain stretch is no longer an issue.
  • Lower production and maintenance cost when compared to older “B” models
  • Seal bar chains are replaced by timing belts. Quieter, smoother, cleaner operation. No lubrication or maintenance required.
  • Seal bars are quickly and easily removed from machine for servicing

The QB1100X1 has full internet connectivity for remote troubleshooting and production monitoring
On board diagnostics as well as programmed preventative maintenance reminders are standard features.
All of this is available at a new more economical price.

Talk to your FAS or PECO sales professional. Let us take a look at your production needs and product mix to see if the QB1100X1 is right for you.

Bag Machine Technical Bulletin

As testament to the robust designs of our equipment our customer have many bag machines and winders still in production for 30 years or more. Part of the reason these machines are still able to produce profits for our customer base is because of the world class parts and service support they receive from FAS and PECO. If you have a bag machine of serial number 2553 or lower we wish to make you aware of a pending situation that if addressed now can prevent costly downtime later. The CPU in these machines was supplied by Delta Tau to our specifications.

In 1999 we were able to upgrade from the PMAC to the UMAC model of the CPU (both supplied by DELTA TAU.) See picture below.


The UMAC CPU is no longer being manufactured by DELTA TAU and current supplies in the market are limited and extremely expensive. If you are running one of these machines please contact the FAS or PECO parts departments as soon as possible. We have a limited inventory of these units. Additionally if you have taken some of these CPU’s out of service and you still have them they may be repairable.

We offer this bulletin to give you the opportunity to plan ahead. This might be the opportunity to investigate a new FAS bag machine model for your plant, either the B series, the QB1100X2 or our new QB1100X1 described elsewhere in our newsletter.

Check with your FAS PECO sales representative , your old machine may be eligible for a trade in credit when a new bag machine is purchased. Call, text or email us anytime with your questions.

Do you have any questions about our newsletter, please feel free to contact Peter Håkansson, Sales Director FAS Converting Group, phone: cell: +46 706 769 262

Read more about UWD1100

Come visit us at Plastpol in Kielce Trade Fairs, May 23-26.

We are participating in this event together with our agent Ricco International Trade & Consultancy. They have a comprehensive product portfolio to offer the market for both film extrusion and converting as well as recycling equipment and know how.

From FAS Converting Machinery, you will be able to see the Euroline bag on roll system with the optional tape unit. It combines proven bag sealing and perforating technology with industry leading coreless winding that have been the hallmark for us since the 1980’s.

We will be demonstrating the Euroline, running from an unwind stand, for attendees to the show. Stop in and see the equipment run, and meet our sales and service teams. We look forward to discussing your converting applications with you.
If you’d like to schedule an appointment to talk with us at the show, let us know.

Contact Joakim Sjödin, area Sales Manager at : +46 720 908 930 or

FAS holds successful Open House

During the last days of January, FAS held a very successful open house at the Arlöv facilities in southern Sweden. See photos below.
We have had a number of inquiries lately for real projects in the industrial sheeting area.
We have a number of the winders appropriate for these projects in our assembly area currently, being built for our customers.
This was a great opportunity for us to host several European customers to view our new facilities, and witness a live demonstration of our industrial winder model IWP1100.
The IWP, running in front of an unwind stand, perforated  a web and wound rolls of sheeting on 3” cores (see photos below for a view of the finished rolls)

The film being processed was provided by one of our customers and was 150µm thick, folded.
Approx. 50m of film was wound on each roll. The end use of these rolls of film is for building construction projects.

FAS global sales director Peter Håkansson said  “We are pleased to host our great customers here in Arlöv. This is a very effective format for a demonstration as our customers can bring their own material and we can configure the finished product to their particular application. This way the demo is as meaningful for them as it can be. We look forward to more of these sorts of open house demonstrations in the future.”

In addition to the live demonstrations, our customers had the unique chance to meet the FAS Technical Service, and Design staffs, and ask questions about current equipment as well as older machines in their factories supplied by FAS in the past.

Area sales manager Joakim Sjödin  commented: “This is a wonderful opportunity for our customers to see what is going on and what is new at FAS. When a customer has a specific project in mind, This type of open house may be far more real to them  than meeting with us at a trade show. Here we can change products, make adjustments, changes etc. to make what they want to see. This is real time, interactive demonstration of our equipment and our capabilities. With the large backlog of equipment coming through our company I see more chances to do this in the future.”

A customer attending the Open House mentioned  “this is a very special opportunity for us to see our film converted here today and we are grateful for FAS having made this happen. Our time was very well spent here.  The amount of equipment being built at FAS right now for the European and North American markets is very impressive. This is a busy company!”

We wish to thank your technical team for their hard work in making this Open House demonstration a success, and to our customers for taking the time to visit us here in Sweden.
Watch this newsletter for announcements of future Open Houses highlighting various types of equipment in our portfolio.
Please contact our sales team if you wish to bring some film to FAS for a live demonstration. We look forward to working with you.