Yes! – Further growth in Eastern Europe. Plast Eurasia Exhibition and Global Trash bag market.

FAS Converting Machinery AB is ready for further growth in Eastern Europe

We are pleased to announce the appointment of two new partners that will help us serve our existing and new customers in Eastern Europe.

We have during the recent years experienced increased interest from extruders and converters in the Eastern Europe. In order to adequately serve this dynamic market, and to grow in partnership with our customers there, FAS Converting Machinery AB began to look for a strategic partner to represent us in the region.

We were looking for experienced technical sales people with a strong network and with experience that would bring value to our customers in the area, while representing FAS Converting Machinery AB and our converting solutions.  Our representative would need to be capable of guiding customers, some new, some experienced in trash bag production methods, through the decision making process of  configuring converting systems that meet their needs in the most productive and efficient way possible.

Our Regional Sales Manager, Joakim Sjödin, travelled in the market and talked with current and prospective customers as well as many extrusion, printing and recycling equipment representatives.

Joakim soon discovered FRIEDRICH WILHELM GmbH (ext link) with extensive presence in Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria. FRIEDRICH WILHELM GmbH have a long history of providing high technology European made equipment to the plastics industry.

FRIEDRICH WILHELM GmbH has the experience, expertise and technology platform to serve these markets and are able to offer extruders and converters comprehensive solutions whether they are new start-ups or existing manufacturers.

FRIEDRICH WILHELM GmbH group Sales Manager Mr. Wilhelm says “we were attracted by the FAS equipment product line as a good fit to current portfolio of representations, enabling us to offer a complete bag making solutions to our customers. The FAS equipment represents the level of sophistication and quality that our customers are looking for, and its modular design concepts make it compatible with a wide variety of applications in our markets”

FAS sees a great synergy and value add for our customers as a result of this collaboration with the Wilhelm group.

Contact details to Wilhelm in these countries;

Romania: Mircea Aninoiu,, +40 722 222 600.
Hungary: József Hornung,, +36 1 270 1505.
Bulgaria: Stefan Stojanov,, +359 888 456 044. Georgi Tsankov,, +359 988 707 053.
Czech Republic & Slovakia: Pavel Hradecký,, +420 602 662 682.

Additionally we are pleased to announce the appointment of ANIC Inzenjering d.o.o  representing us in Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia.

Anic is a long time presence in this market and is uniquely prepared to serve this emerging market. They also offer a comprehensive selection of high tech equipment to our industry.

ANIC director Mr. Anic says “as the manufacturing of trash bags and other plastic film applications grow in this market we want to offer high quality dependable machinery that is appropriate for our customers’ needs. Not only does the FAS equipment have a long robust track record globally, its simple sophistication and ergonomic designs make it especially suitable for the many first time bag converters we will be serving. Their corporate attention to service and support, especially internet connectivity goes a long way towards making our customers feel confident in their investment of such equipment”.

For more information on FAS in these countries please contact ANIC at: 

Mr. Marin Anic
Phone: +385 23 32 62 99
Mobile:+385 959 08 09 64

For more information on working with ANIC and or Wilhelm to solve your converting challenges with FAS equipment please contact Joakim Sjödin regional Sales Manager at +46 720 908 930 or e-mail

FAS Converting Machinery AB market insights – Global Trash bag market

FAS Converting Machinery AB would like to take the opportunity to share some interesting market insights1 about the Global Trash bags market to our valued Newsletter readers.

Source: Markets and Markets.

Global demand for trash bags is predicted to grow at approx. 5% per year for the next 5 years, or from $7.1 billion USD to $9.2 billion USD in 20222. Economic development and urbanization are two major drivers of this growth.  As populations grow, effective waste management systems and protocols are seen key elements of a strategy to manage and improve public health and our environment.  Trash bag use is integral to these strategies.

North America is the largest market for trash bags globally, due to historic environmental and public health regulations as well as its strong industrial base and growing urban centres.  North Americans currently produce more waste per capita than any other region in the world.  The Asia pacific and South American markets are predicted to grow at rates above the global average. This growth is supported in large part by low raw material prices owing to the decline in crude oil and natural prices in the past 3 years, and the exploitation of the shale oil / resources in N America.

Source: Markets and Markets.

Trash bags are grouped into three market segments: Retail, Institutional and Industrial. The retail segment is approximately 40% of the market globally, with higher than average growth coming in the industrial and institutional segments.

Source: Markets and Markets.

The configuration of bags manufactured for the trash bag market fall into four major groups: Star sealed, Draw tape, Wave top and Others. Star sealed and Wave top bags are predicted to have the highest rates of growth globally.

The presentation of trash bags to the end user is transitioning from a nearly 50% share of folded vs. rolled product, to a much more dominant position for rolled products going forward. The ease of handling and the ability to run at higher line speeds favours a rolled product over a folded one for all endues end user applications, in all markets.

Whatever your market is requesting, FAS Machinery Converting AB and PECO can help. We have industry leading film converting equipment focused solely on trash bag  on roll production, whether they are draw tape, star sealed or wave top bags.

1,2 Source: Markets and Markets

Do you have any questions about our newsletter, please feel free to contact Peter Håkansson, Sales Director FAS Converting Group, phone: cell: +46 706 769 262

Plast Eurasia Exhibition

FAS Converting Machinery AB is pleased to invite you to our booth No 220 in Hall 2 at the upcoming PlastEurasia exhibition taking place in Istanbul December 6 – 9, 2017. We very much look forward to seeing our old friends there as well as creating new contacts.

At this well-attended annual exhibition FAS Converting Machinery AB will demonstrate our FAS Euroline bag on roll making system, showcased in an off-line configuration.  Additionally, the FAS Euroline will be equipped with a newly designed double C folder. This folder design, consistent with FAS philosophy of simple sophistication, is a streamlined and cost effective folding solution developed for our good customers in Turkey, but clearly also available globally.

The FAS Euroline will also feature FAS double seal bars which enables the FAS Euroline to produce side seal as well as bottom seal bags, for maximum flexibility. This configuration further expands FAS’ unique relaxed sealing system which applies sealing heat and pressure from both sides of the web, a clear advantage over other sealing systems on the market. The final rolls being made by the FAS Euroline will be coreless, and will be wrapped with a printed label for positive roll containment, as well as eventual retail presentation.

Don’t hesitate to stop by at our booth and watch the live FAS Euroline demonstration. This will be a good opportunity to meet the FAS sales team, and to discuss technical questions with our customer service staff on site. This exhibition will also be the occasion of FAS Converting Machinery AB introducing our new strategic partner in Turkey Mrs Özlem Özyapici from Özhanmak. She brings over 30 years of experience in film extrusion and flexible packaging to her new role as representative to FAS in this important market. Mrs Özlem Özyapici contact information is:

Stop in and welcome Mrs Özlem Özyapici to the FAS Converting team!