Internet Connectivity, Upgrade CPU’s and enhanced Customer Service organization

FAS Converting offers Internet Connectivity on all machines effective immediately

In an ongoing effort to make FAS PECO machinery even more productive and profitable for our customers we are announcing a new feature which will enable all new equipment to be connected to our Service Technicians and Automation Engineers via an Internet connection.

This connection is available only from Service Center FAS and PECO.

This enables our technicians to observe, trouble shoot and repair equipment in real time without delay. The goal and actual result is more up time for this equipment in your factory. If there is a question about the function of a machine, its program and controls or general operating parameters, there is no need to wait for a technician to visit, it can be analyzed right away.

While the benefits to this connectivity are significant, we have certainly not overlooked the concerns about the security of your data, and the safety of a machine being possibly operated remotely.

The machine connection is via a secure router that performs at the highest security levels in the industry today.

Contact your FAS PECO salesman for more information on these important features.

CPU / P-mac and U-mac in our machines

With reference to our March newsletter, we advised our customers and partners that the supply of the Delta Tau PLC (P-mac and U-mac) hardware used in FAS PECO machines made prior to 2008 was limited. We suggested that customers running this equipment make alternative plans going forward to ensure the longer term viability of their bag making equipment.

Some of our customers have taken advantage of this opportunity, and now our supply of this hardware is expired.

Correspondingly, the ability of FAS PECO as well as Delta Tau to support this hardware is expiring. We are no longer able to offer spare parts, troubleshooting and problem solving services as pertains to this hardware and control system.

FAS PECO can offer two alternatives should you be faced with the need to replace or upgrade this CPU

  1. A completely engineered replacement solution including a new PLC and drive package. This is a comprehensive package.
  2. Trade in of existing machinery for new, state of the art FAS PECO equipment. Many of our customers have already taken advantage of our current FAS PECO trade in program, returning their old PECO FAS machinery for a credit against the purchase of a new state of the art equipment. This is a very streamlined cost efficient process FAS PECO can offer our customers enabling them to keep their equipment fully up to date, taking advantage of the features and designs incorporated in our modern equipment. As a result, making our customers more productive and more profitable, with machines connected online for swift support from our Service Engineers.

Contact your FAS PECO sales professional for details of these two options.

This notice is a further example of our commitment to support you with proactive solutions, maintaining the inherent profitability of your FAS PECO equipment.

A special note to our North American customers

For your parts and service needs please continue to reach out to PECO in New Jersey.  We will continue to serve you from PECO with support and assistance from the growing team in New Jersey.
Tel 973 882 0512

Please watch future newsletters from us for more announcements of FAS steady growth and new resources for you our customers. We value our partnership with you and want your experience working with us to be as pleasant and productive as we can possibly make it.

Do you have any questions about our newsletter, please feel free to contact Peter Håkansson, Sales Director FAS Converting Group, phone: cell: +46 706 769 262

New Customer Support Manager

FAS Converting is happy to share with you news of yet another expansion of our customer service resource in Sweden.

Mrs. Sarah Tiliander will be joining FAS as Customer Support Manager.

While the Service Engineers are busy assisting customers either in the field or in our building, Sarah will be a steady presence to receive customer’s calls and emails, manage spares, and schedule the travel of our technicians as they travel the world to help our customers. Sarah will be the voice at the other end of the phone when you reach out to FAS for parts or service and she will be working closely with our service team and technical development department to get you accurate answers, information and parts shipments in the timeliest manner possible. Mrs. Tiliander brings to us a 10+ year customer service orientation, and as such has valuable insight as to what you, our customers need from us as an OEM supplier.

Be sure to take note of Sarah’s contact information, +46 411 692 78 so you can be in touch with her when you need anything from us. She’s looking forward to your call or email.

We are strengthening our service organization

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing world class parts and technical service support to our valuable customers worldwide, FAS is announcing the following additions to our customer service team based in Arlöv Sweden.

Joining FAS recently is Dawor Novak as a Service Engineer. Dawor brings to FAS over 30 years of technical experience in field service and product development, having held senior positions with Nestle and Tetra Pak. When not testing machines before shipment in Arlöv, and assisting customers by telephone, Dawor will be traveling to customer sites for installations, training, and troubleshooting if needed. While Dawor will be assisting customers with all aspects of our equipment’s performance and optimization, his particular expertise is in the automation and control systems of the FAS PECO equipment.

We welcome Dawor, and look forward to his contribution to our valued customers’ success in the field. You can reach Dawor on: +46 411 692 92

We are also proud to tell you that our long time FAS team member Morten Severinsen will transition from a lead position on our assembly floor to that of a field Service Engineer. As with the other members of our service team Morten will be traveling globally to assist our customers with installations and training. Morten will leverage his 20+ years of experience assembling all of the various FAS machines into an invaluable resource for our customers. He has already trips booked to the USA and Europe, where customers await his expertise and guidance.

Congratulations Morten and welcome to the customer service team!  You can reach Morten on: +46 411 692 88