Our vision is to be your first choice for film converting solutions.

FAS Converting is a Swedish equipment manufacturer, founded in  1978. We develop, design and assemble, install and support machines for converting plastic film into bags on roll. Our customers are within the flexible packaging industry and the main products are a garbage bag on roll. Today FAS Converting have a broad product range covering all from industrial winders, with or without perforator for pallet covers, agricultural film, sheeting’s to food and freezer and garbage bags, wave top and draw-tape.

Machine sale: Our markets by region (2015-2016).

Most of FAS Converting’s machines are used for bags on roll and the final products are mainly garbage bags on roll in some format, T-shirt, wave top or draw-tape and made of LLDPE, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, recycled or biodegradable material. The unique sealing capacity in our machines have made us well known and respected in the market as well as the robust design and quality with machines from the mid -80 still in production. One of our beset known key competencies is the coreless winding of  rolls of bags and sheeting.

“FAS Converting is the leading manufacturer
of machinery for bags on-roll production.”

We install and support our systems globally with our major markets being Europe and N America.

Short facts:

  • Machine manufacturers for converting machines for bag or sheets on roll
  • Head office/production unit in Arlöv (Malmö), Sweden
  • More than 300 customers in 54 countries
  • Number 1 in our sector – in-line, garbage bags on roll

How can we make our customers more profitable?

Our world class, state of the art equipment, is manufactured and built to run in-line which demands 24/7 reliability and continuous production.

It’s easy to operate. Scrap, maintenance and personnel requirements are minimized, contributing to your bottom line profitability. And when it comes to support, we take care of it in a meaningful way.

Competitive development and customized service

Our machines are programmed to remind you to perform routine preventative maintenance procedures, insuring reliable operation for the longest time possible. We offer all our clients a customized service agreement, and the remote internet access capabilities facilitate real-time troubleshooting, getting you back into profitable production without delays. Many times no service visit is required.

However, if you need help, our Sweden and USA based service personnel are only a phone call or an email away. And to ensure safe, fast and reliable delivery, we have parts depots both in Europe and the USA.

Technical highlights

  • All our modules are fully interchangeable, even while in production
  • Several unique technical solutions including tension free sealing from both sides of the web and print registration
  • Very precise bag length setting for optimal production
  • Variety of roll containment options
  • Remote internet connections for PLC

What we do

Since 1978 , FAS Converting Machinery has  designed, develop, assembled and installed  film converting systems. Our focus has been bag on roll applications, running out off line, or  in line with film extrusion systems. We supply and support our systems globally with our major markets being Europe and North America.

What we offer

We offer you machines that will let your production flow quickly, efficiently and simple. With our machines you can choose between in-line and off-line solutions and create your own layout. As a result of this, you will get machines that will:

• reduce costs and speed up your cash flow
• produce with a minimum of waste
• lower your maintenance costs
• are easy to operate and handle with a minimum of staff.

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