Perforating/Sealing Machine – B1500

The B1500 is equipped with a basic servo system …read more

Perforating/Sealing Machine – QB1100X1

With a new designed sealing section, along with FAS …read more

Perforating/Sealing Machine – QB1100X2

With a new designed sealing section, along with FAS …read more


This unit is optimized for garbage bag production, in- or off-line …read more


The design of our new Starline has been based on our proven … read more

Draw Tape – DT1100

The DT1100 unit is used for the production of draw-tape bags …read more

Industrial Winder – IW1100

The IW1100 is a fully automatic industrial winder …read more

Industrial Winder and Perferation – IWP1100

The IWP1100 is a fully automatic winder, equipped …read more

Rotary Cutter – CT500

The model CT500 is a servo driven cutting unit. It can …read more

Winder – SP500/800

The SP500/800 is a well known fully automatic winder …read more

Core Winder – SP500/SP800

The SP500 with core is a well known fully automatic winder …read more

Turrent Winder – TW475

The TW475 is a winder for fully automatic winding …read more

Double Winder – DW230

The idea with our DW230 is to achieve straight webs… read more

Perforating Unit – PU500/800

The PU500/800 unit is a servo driven, freestanding …read more

Tape Unit – TU220

The taping unit covers the range from 50-220 mm tape width …read more

Nip Unit – N1100

The N1100 is a free standing unit, with nip … read more

Folding Unit – SF2C

The SF2C is a free standing C-folder unit, double or single … read more

Folding Unit – SF2V

The SF2V folding unit can fold single or double V-fold …read more

Folding Unit – SFC

The SFC folding unit is used for single lane production …read more

Unwinder – UWD1100

Our new UWD1100 unit has a wide range of new … read more


The WD750 unit is a freestanding unit for twin lane bag production …read more