The WD750 unit is a freestanding unit for twin lane bag production. The WD750 has a dancing roller for controlling the nip and speed off the web. The max working width of the WD750 is two lanes with max web width 750mm when entering the unit.

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Technical data (WD750)
Web width in, mm [in]
Outcoming web cc, mm [in]
Machine speed, m/min [fpm]
Installed power, kW [A]
Air supply, bar [psi]
L x W x H, mm
L x W x H, [in]
Weight, kg [lbs]
2 x 750 [2 x 29.5]
2400 [94.5]
120 [393.7]
0,75 [1.5]
6 [87]
1750 x 3355 x 1230
[69 x 132 x 49]
500 [1102]

* Mechanical. Max production speed depending on the quality (i.e. thickness, number of layers etc) of material to be converted.
Mainpower. All units mainpower 380–420V +10%/-15%, for temporary power surge, 16A, 3phases, 50Hz, ground and neutral.
All technical data are subject to change without prior notice.